Picture a group of surgeons standing over a patient in the operating room about to perform a procedure. Now picture those surgeons blindfolded. Not how you’d want them operating on you, right? So why would you blindfold your leadership team when it comes to warranty claims management?

“What do warranty claims and post sales service cost you?” Can you answer this question? Most manufacturers cannot.

Imagine if you had the ability to easily view and track your cost of warranty claims, including parts, labor, and credits at the touch of a button. Knowing where your costs are really coming from can help prioritize your attention.

“What is driving your warranty and post sales service?” Again, if you’re like most manufacturers, you don’t have the tools to accurately or completely answer this question.

Imagine if you had the ability to easily view the reason for every claim in your system at the click of a mouse.  The ability to see this information in real time for any time period you select would provide the insight you need to focus on the areas that generate the largest call volume and the most number of claims. And tackling the root of the issue ultimately reduces or even eliminates the costs.

When you connect the dots between what’s driving the calls and what you are spending to handle the claims, you have the power to effectively address real and repetitive issues in production and in the field. They aren’t just costing you financially – they’re also costing you your reputation, time, and customers.