Who Is InsightPro?

We are Field Service experts who face the same challenges as you.

It seems like there is no shortage of software these days. Just go online and search for software in any industry.  Even though there are countless options, most of them are just trying to fit a square peg in a round hole when it comes to your business!

In 2007, when UTS Warranty was looking for a new CRM and mobile solution to replace their antiquated Access Database and Symbol MC50 PDA there just simply wasn’t anything out there that made sense.  “We just knew that we would never grow our business if we did not update our technology”, says UTS Warranty Vice President Matt Christner, “So, we did what we had to do and built our own”.

So, the initial seed for what would become InsightPro was planted.  Fast forward ten years and four software versions and there is no better software platform developed specifically for the post-sales service industry.

“That’s one of the best parts”, says Matt Christner, “You don’t have to spend the next 12-18 months translating what’s important about your post-sales service operations to a software development company at the expense of your valuable time and their hourly rate – we’ve already done that for you”

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