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Data without context or comparison is just data. InsightPro's warranty management software converts your data to information that improves and supports decisions across all departments. Reports can be exported to a CSV file to allow for more flexible data manipulation.

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Advanced Reporting

Issue Code Quantity

Warranty management software determines the primary drivers of your warranty claims.

InsightPro Issue Cost Report
Advanced Reporting

Issue Cost

Warranty management software will show you how much you’re spending on warranty claims and what the primary drivers of these costs are.

Advanced Reporting

Case Cost

What are the details of how much we’re spending and the primary drivers of cost?

Advanced Reporting

Issue by Purchase Location

How many warranty claims are tied to my stores, by store?

Advanced Reporting

Flagged Photos

How is the production team operating in the facility and how effectively do we ship to customers?

Advanced Reporting


Are customers satisfied with the products being produced, the in-store experience, and our field service team?

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