Post-Sales Service Never Looked So Good

The Product

InsightPro is designed to be robust yet intuitive. Able to manage complex processes with ease,
leveraging the power of mobile forms and real-time data to help you be efficient and proactive.

Deliver a better experience

Intuitive Workflows
Imagine a software solution that your teams can learn in less than an hour.

Parts and Resources
Easily assign and track parts, shipping information and field service dispatches.

Alerts and Timers
Be proactive with your customers. You will never lose track of a claim or forget to follow up again.

Detailed Customer Information
All of your customer’s information is easy to find and easy to see – all on one page

History and Attachments
High visibility across your organization with the ability to easily view Customer History, Notes and Attachments.

Customer Surveys
What are your customers saying about you? Customizable surveys that provide NPS & customer satisfaction ratings.

Get the Most Out of Your Team

Aging Claims Info
The older claims are, the more expensive they become. Keep your team on top of their game.

With today’s technology, claims escalate. How you respond and the speed of your response is critical.

Drill Down Reporting
How do you find out the why behind the what? Drill down into the details in order to identify reasons for trends.

Meaningful Reports
Actionable information in real time. Dashboard interface lets you quickly see what needs your attention.

Survey Results
How do you continually improve service? Know what your customers are saying and share with your team.

Measure Perfomance
How is your team performing against company goals? Monitor metrics to see where your team stands.

Be efficient in the field

Custom Forms
No more paper forms or generic fillable PDF’s. InsightPro utilizes intuitive, logic-driven mobile forms.

Online and Offline
Mobile can’t connect? No problem. Work offline and forms will automatically sync the next time you can get service.

Routing and Mapping
“How do I get to my next job?” Click the address and instantly get directions using your preferred mapping app.

Real Time Information
Always have the latest information at your fingertips. Assigned work orders, customer information, and status of your jobs.

Calendar and Scheduling
If allowed, field technicians will be notified of assignments and can manage their own schedule.

Android and iOS
InsightPro works on all of the most popular devices. Mobile forms are part of the native app so you always have access.

Information that matters

Is your volume, aging, or cost increasing or decreasing? With a mouse click you can view either the last 12 weeks or the last 12 months in an easy-to-read graphical format.

Issue Cost
What are you spending on post-sales service? This pivot report allows you to see exactly what is being spent by issue type for any time period.

Keep track of claim volume, work orders, aging and escalations. Easily export data to consolidate with other reporting or to analyze with other tools.

Issue Code Quantity
What is driving your post-sales service? This matrix report will allow you to see and determine primary drivers behind all calls and potential areas to focus on production.

What are your customers saying about you? Automated surveys collect NPS and Customer Service scores. Make sure issues are addressed and successes are celebrated.

Flagged Pictures
Include your production team in the post-sales process with what they control and on the things that matter. Identify potential production issues or material issues quickly.


Easily enter and find customer information and job status

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Field Tech

Mobile solutions to capture the right information the first time, including photos

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Keep track of your super stars and know when cases are escalated

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KPI Dashboards with ability to drill down to details to identify trends

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