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Customer service reps spend a lot of time looking for certain information. InsightPro's warranty claim software allows you to find everything you need in a single screen. Users are guided step by step through the process to make it efficient and consistent.

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Claims Management

Centralized Claim Information

It’s easy to find exactly what you’re looking for using a warranty claim software. Spend less time clicking between tabs to find customer information and more time moving claims through the process.

Claims Management

Streamlined Workflow

InsightPro’s warranty claim software guides you step by step through the claims process to make your team more efficient and consistent from verification to completion.

Claims Management

Customer History

Create a new case from a submitted online form or address multiple work orders for the same customer. You’ll always have access to the customer’s complete history.

Claims Management


Communication is key to providing exceptional customer service. Warranty claim software keeps your team up-to-date with unlimited note records and set reminders for important follow-ups.

Claims Management


Get organized by eliminating paperwork and clutter. Store all of your information, like images, flagged photos, receipts and purchase orders as attachments on the claim record.

Claims Management

Timer-Based Statuses & Alerts

Knowing where each claim is in the process is one of the largest challenges you face. Every claim is assigned a status, and every status has a configurable timer that alerts you when something becomes past due.

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Claims Management
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