The Power of Information

By March 8, 2018June 8th, 2018No Comments

You have some degree of knowledge about your warranty business and you’ve identified at least some of the knowledge you’re missing. To gain that missing knowledge, you take the information you know and piece together some of that missing information or inferences of that missing information, by massaging your data using tools like spreadsheets. Once you slice and dice your information into something actionable, you may have increased your knowledge but how much energy have you exerted in obtaining this new knowledge and addressing it with your team? How much energy will your team exert in understanding, applying and now taking action on this new knowledge?

What if you and your team had all the necessary information about your jobs readily available from the onset regarding your customers, warranty cases, service orders, product issues, etc.?

What if during the course of working a warranty case, a process and structure was in place to seamlessly capture all necessary information as a matter of course?

What if actionable information about your roles came to you instead of you having to look for it?

What if that information included things you hadn’t thought of that would positively affect your role and company/team operations?

When searching for a new or improved warranty management software solution, consider what information is being recorded and how that information is captured, presented, displayed and shared. Your software should provide benefits such as:

  • Never forgetting an open/active warranty case
  • Automatically communicating with customers as their warranty case progresses
  • Distributing product and claim information to Production, Sales and other departments
  • Understanding Claim Cost, Product Issues, Service and Performance trends to proactively create solutions
  • An intuitive mobile application for service technicians
  • Automatically receiving customer feedback on your company and products, retailers, and service efforts when jobs are completed
  • Improving company reputation by increasing the level of service, productivity and product quality

The ideal software solution should provide a structure for reinforcing a repeatable experience for both your customers and your team. With the right solution, you and your team could regularly operate in a proactive manner, building on your existing energy and confidence.